Monday, January 12, 2015

Maria is coming back!

So I decided to try and be a Beachbody coach in all the spare time I don't have.

It's free for military and their spouses (if you're interested let me know) so I figured there was no risk and only reward.

I am so overwhelmed. This is not: here's some stuff go sell our shnit. They have a huge PDF and video library, there's real training, it's comprehensive. I'm actually really impressed.

Tomorrow our Nanny comes back. Thank the Lord! She came to us while in school for her Engineering degree. She's graduated but hasn't found a job yet so will be continuing to work for us until then. It helps. It really does. For some reason when I think about it I feel like it's an expense we could do without, and technically that's true: we lived 3 weeks without her during the holidays, but then when she's here I can just breathe easier.

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